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eat your city - a street and food art approach

Aktualisiert: 6. Feb. 2020

thinking about food. not for the first time, but with an artistic purpose. me and we and you: value, beauty, care, community ...

coming into the unknown. getting into india with no idea about what will come. but being sure, that we will make friends while cooking, eating, sharing pictures. let's create an open-minded, friendly and connecting adventure. for all of us. unforgettable encounters with friends.

eat your city: what comes next? india comes next - we are curious, open-minded and happy.

Station I

first we talk to people. our language is food. and pictures. we take photos. places in pune where edible is produced. everything we find, everything they show us, everything they offer us. vegetable beds, soup kitchens, cake tables, market stalls, mushroom boxes, herb balconies, orchard meadows, urban gardens, tomato houses, beekeeper stations etc.. what does pune have to offer? everything is brought to light. we ask. we get invited. we knock on doors. we taste, we try, we share, we eat together. the foreign pune becomes a place full of friends for us.

Station II

then we select and project our most personal pictures in pune on billboards, garage doors, shop windows, fire walls etc. working live on walls into the projected images. with old posters, coloured papes, funny found objects etc. we complement and change the motives. food might become figures, faces, people. on the walls, in the middle, anywhere. the depicted figures/people become plants, fruits and food. we turn everything around. random, creative, funny. you are what you eat. we are what we eat.

at selected stations II the xxl-collage becomes a community artwork. everybody is allowed to participate and swing paste brushes and scraps of paper. find and create his faces, his figures into the projections or in front of it. which narratives are created? what do they have to do with the people on site? what is different, what is always the same? we are so curious.

station III

we digitally juxtapose the phases of the image motifs. create hyperlapse videos, loops, digital morphs from the first to the second to the third to the fourth artwork. what story do they tell us? what connects food with people? who influences whom and what? and is it the same all over the world? and if so, what does it mean? let's ask the kids! we offer our pictures to pune.

station IV

transformation diaries ... eat your city ... with pictures, finds, stories, texts, recipes, whatever. with it we illuminate the sense (and nonsense) of food and eating habits. the regional characteristics. why is food valuable? why is regional, seasonal, fair? food connects. food is life. food is attentiveness and care. food is politics. food is society. food is art. what else?

station V

checklists ... eat your city ... more of it in those places. where can the city become more edible? how can the aspects of regional food be implemented in everyday life? what can art make visible? which messages become clearer through art? can art help to cherish& share? of course it can!

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