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anja roth - from street art to eat art. big size, casual, non-chalant. making art for people. hanging a canvas on the wall is not enough, not what we need in life. anja developes art for current experiences, for emotive participation, for an instant.

as an interdisciplinary artist she combines the "social impact competences" of her freelance work with scenic, large-format and improvised artwork in the sense of finite concept art. She has committed herself to participatory artistic collaboration and is always looking for merge and togetherness as well as for sparring and demarcation. is the current experiment in this sense for 2020 and probably beyond. an agile, creative and travelling collaboration with sabine mader, photographer from munich. In different cities around the world they will take pictures in gardens, in pantries, in street kitchens and at set tables. in spontaneous fusion with the photographs the corresponding paintings merge into aesthetic and cheeky compositions. imbued overlays, colourful collages and layered levels. outside, in the twilight, on the street. using beamer, courage and paste.


becoming street art on walls, glass panes, poster pillars and on the asphalt. together with the "affected" neighborhoods, tables will be set, people will eat, drink and talk. artists and non-artist cherish the beauty of colours, the joy of taste and the fun of being together.

celebrating the gift of food with a mixture of social plastic, eat-art and expedition. will the people on site get involved? will they understand? do they have to understand at all? sure, they can feel it.

Next stop: Pune, India.

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sankt martin - münchen