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thinking about knives

Aktualisiert: 1. März 2020

a prologue to the eatyourcity-project. knives as they are weapons, tools or icons. always cutting. be it bad or good. lethal or helpful. exception or everyday life.

thinking about knives

society divided. nature destroyed. families torn apart. thinking about weapons, tools and symbols. thinking about knives.

food connects. thinking about planting, harvesting, cooking, eating, sharing. thinking about knives.

almost every culture uses knives. cutting and snipping. cleaning and peeling. shaping and sharing. they all have knives. thinking about knives.

the big picture

eating is "wow". It is so simple

and easy, isn't it? just one single need to be satisfied: hunger!

hunger? thinking about hunger means diving into global politics. eating is hard and painful. a struggle for live, for surviving. a battle of the rich against the poor. the weak against the mighty. simple?

eating is togetherness. spoonful of joy. take a knife for cleaning, cutting, sharing. what else? sharpended. dangerous. lethal.

the big picture?


thinking about knives. a prologue. by anja roth

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