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smiling is healing: 10 x aha!

what we learned from Lieber lächeln!

people like to talk about themselves
people want to be seen
people want to be asked for their opinion
people underestimate their talents
people underestimate their impact
a balance of give and take is not expected
you can laugh together even without a common language
a smile is free
smiling is a reflex
smiling is healing

copyright anja roth und sabine mader
idea©anja-roth / photography©sabine-mader / actionbound©sandra-tillmann


"Lieber lächeln" was a connecting neighbourhood action for the people in mannheim's neckarstadt-west in cooperation with the COMMUNITYartCENTERmannheim and the initiative quist/ikubiz. from august 17 to september 30, 2020. making art - taking part!

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