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  sabine mader  

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sabine mader tells stories? no, not only: sabine mader teasers stories, she triggers them, awakens our imagination, our fantasy, the inner eye...

green leaves and a blunt knife? a still life? no, it’s a story. a happy harvesting in the fields, a laid table – it’s a story, steaming pasta, wild garlic pesto, parmesan - and kids, eating and having fun.

radishes on black? contrasts, aperture, depth of field? no, ist’s a story. Perhaps the story of Sabine's own field. or the story of your favourite garden, the one about the organic farm at your office? maybe it's a much bigger story, too. one of hunger and need, of consumption and abundance, of appreciation and mindfulness.

speaking about mindfulness: this is still about the sausage!

the butcher scenes - brutal, gruesome, bloody? oh no! neatly portioned and sealed in hygienic foil, we gladly forget that. here we get very close to the butcher, the animal, the blood. a hatchet is swung, a pig loses its life, is cut up ... no, this is not meant to be a conversion to vegetarianism, but rather an invitation to pause and think about.

Huhn am Hang
Man cooking
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