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cherish & share

beauty, engagement and nutritional value of apple and pear


1. a vivid collection of ideas full of beauty and pleasure

2. appreciation is the core of the project

3. a search for edible and not yet edible spaces

4. rendezvous without borders

5. a recipe book full of pictures, texts, stories, faces

6. impressions of planting, harvesting, cooking, eating and sharing

7. the proof that food is the greatest thing that unites people

8. an artistic position for all senses and for purpose

9. a call for respect, understanding and togetherness

10. art that is collaborative, participatory and inclusive

11. an obeisance to the wonders of nature, the affection of people and everything that connects the ones with the others


this is the manifesto of two artists on their artistic position and their common approach to the ideas of the movement edible city/essbare stadt.

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