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 the gift of food  

cherish & share!

an artistic concept that focuses on food. eating in cities, eating with people, eating all over the world. food is life. food is mindfulness and care. food is politics. food is society. food is art. food is peace.


... eat your city ...
shows our food, your food and all thinkable implications and anticipations. symbol and message. it shapes, it colours, it smells, it tastes. people without food? difficult. food without people? useless.

... eat your city ...
what sounds provocative and somehow destructive is anything but that. two artists linking their mindsets, their talents, their values. involving people on location. leave open what comes next. sure it will be good, they know. experience, trust, confidence.

... eat your city ...
inspired by the initiative edible city by pam warhurst and mary clear (watch the video here) giving pictures to eating.


... eat your city ...
is supposed to motivate to make my city, your region, our district more edible. To share imagination, to talk about us. many creative concepts are longing for realization, it will happen. And us artists make it visible.


six new mergers 2400.jpg
  sankt martin   

atelier rothpauser
24/4 - 14/7 and
18/9 - 8/11/2020 
fr/sa/su: 3-5 p.m.

studio mader

mo - fr: 3-6 p.m.


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