temporäre kunsthalle
landau, germany
ardeur - flying tables

10.-13. september 2020

--> with anticipation

mannheim neckarstadt-west, germany
lieber lächeln

august/september 2020
--> starting soon

ludwigshafen, germany
hug your fruit

--> shifted to 2021

ludwigshafen, germany
the cornucopia challenge

--> shifted to 2021

pune, india

march 2020
✓ done with appreciation

  sankt martin   

atelier rothpauser
24/4 - 14/7 and
18/9 - 8/11/2020 
fr/sa/su: 3-5 p.m.

studio mader

mo - fr: 3-6 p.m.

lieber lächeln

ein verbindendes nachbarschaftsprojekt. anja roth + sabine mader.

flying tables

a balanced installation to come. anja roth.

thinking about knives

a prologue. anja roth.

sendling exhibition - the gift of food

here meat is still handicraft. visiting people, pigs and chickens with a confident camera. sabine mader.

beauty, engagement and nutritional value of apple and pear

our manifesto is an obeisance to the wonders of nature, the affection of people and everything that connects the ones with the others ...

eat your city - a street and food art approach

thinking about food. not for the first time, but with an artistic purpose. me and we and you: value, beauty, care, community ...


kickass comfort zone

feed me, water me. anja roth.


der gedeckte tisch

eine ausstellung um essen und reisen, gastfreundschaft und neugier. sabine mader.

beim essen herrscht frieden

eine kurzinstallation in der temporären kunsthalle landau. anja roth.

©2020 eat your city anja roth+mader sabine

sankt martin - münchen